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Parnassia Groep – Webdesign for Parnassia Groep and her sub-brands

functional design / webdesign / UI/UX design

Parnassia Group is the biggest mental healthcare institution in the Netherlands. The last couple of years various hospitals & organizations in the field of mental healthcare like Youz, Antes and PsyQ, blended into the Parnassia Group. With their combined 13.500 employees they annually treat around 180.000 clients.
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After creating an overall corporate identity system for Parnassia Group and her sub-brands we're currently developing new websites for each of the sub-brands. Danki was asked to design a fresh user interface and user experience in style with the new visual identity for the online channels of Parnassia Group. We’ve started off with the UI & UX design for Youz and Antes. These two first websites are now developed and published and will serve as a blueprint for all the other sub-brands which will be developed in the coming year.

  • Client: Parnassia Groep
  • Brief: Create the UI & UX design for Parnassia Groep and het sub-brands
  • Output: User interface, user experience and functional design
  • Result:

    A very user friendly and on-brand web interface for Parnassia Groep and het sub-brands

  • Collaborators:


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parnassiaaaa7.jpg parnassia-website parnassia-website parnassia-website parnassia-website-zelftest parnassia-website-zelftest

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